Episode: 69 Adele Stickland, Wellness Coach and Author of Gorgeous! How to Be, Look and Feel Fantastic Every Day


Adele Stickland has over twenty years of experience in the well-being industry and has a unique insight into stress and negativity and their effect on weight gain for busy women.  

She has an online platform and offers a twelve-step coaching and nutritional program.  


Adele started her career in the corporate world and felt like she did all the things you were supposed to do, got a law degree because she thought it would be the right thing to do.  But when she finished her law degree she realized that it wasn’t for her future. She then landed in advertising and continued on that path right up to the birth of her son.  After the birth of her son, the demands of the career and wanting to be at home for her son got to be too much.  One day there was one incident and she walked away from the office, her career, and never looked back!


It was then that Adele decided to do something she was passionate about and that was to start a career as a fitness professional. She then began to learn more about fitness and nutrition.  She soon realized that her clients needed more than exercise and nutrition to succeed in their wellness goals. It was all about having the right mindset.  Now she starts the clients’  journey by focusing on mindset and brings in the exercise and nutrition through the backdoor!  Her coaching evolved through her own experience and client interaction.  


This brought about her best-selling book:  Gorgeous!  How to Be, Look and Feel Fantastic Every Day which is now an international bestseller!  ( Congratulations Adele!  Quite an accomplishment ) 


We dive into discussing the importance of knowing you are why when making any transition and how that played a role in her leaving her corporate job and making the transition in those early days with her coaching.  The corporate world felt very much like masculine energy, a push and pull where what she is doing incorporates more female energy where you let things come to you and it’s not forced. A big key to creating more female energy is to incorporate more reflective time for yourself to look back and ask yourself questions. If you don’t take quiet time to reflect then you miss the clues and breadcrumbs!  


Adele shares how midlife menopausal women aren’t served in the same way as everyone else and a lot of the studies conducted do not include women over forty and there are so many changes in our bodies to consider. We also don’t eat or exercise in the same ways and our hormones are changing which makes our muscles tighter and that’s why moving, stretching and posture are so important in midlife.


Adele is obsessed with posture because of osteoporosis!  If we don’t use our posture, we lose it!  If we are kyphotic (  rounded shoulders ) Hovering over a desk all day we not only get the rounded shoulders and poor posture but we lose our muscle and bone density.  Once you start to lose it, bone degradation starts to happen.  This is why our exercise routines should be different as we get older to support the needs of our bodies now! She walks us through those exercises which complement our bodies in midlife and do not rob our adrenals.  


Adele continues to share some exercises we can do at home to get those shoulders back and use those muscles in our upper back!  By going to Adele’s YouTube channel she does have some Pilates workouts that can get you moving, stretching, opening up the upper body,  front of the chest, and strengthening the upper back.  


We circle back the conversation to getting in touch with your WHY for wanting to be healthy and lose weight. It’s so important when starting with any goal, and that’s the reason why I have in my coaching this worksheet: Understanding Your Why as the second worksheet in your journey to self-discovery. Without that, you are likely to have a tough time obtaining your goal.  Adele shared a story of how one of her clients found their WHY.  


Adele shares with the listeners her Gentle Reset Program which is offered every six weeks.  This is her group coaching program. She shares how fun it is to get women from various backgrounds together and how they share their different ways of seeing things and sharing their perspectives. You get the group adherence and you also have self-development at the same time.  It’s also a great way to create community. 


We dive into her book Gorgeous and the process of her writing that first book.  The first part of the book is the concept of mission, mindset, and purpose and how to get out of your way.  Then she dives into the nutrition part of the journey.  


Adele shares how she calms the chaos in her life and how she discovered meditation and that journey today.  She shares how going on a retreat to India was her first step to discovering the practice and how that trip impacted her life.  Adele also shares how this year she feels like she is in the flow of life and that’s because she’s acknowledging what she’s grateful for and letting go of being in control.