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Alice Inoue is an award-winning author and life expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life challenges. Alice has created a great number of books on self-love and happiness and allowed herself to grow more through her long-running column in Hawaii’s largest publication, Midweek.

Alice’s multiple exposures living in places such as San Francisco, Taiwan, Japan, and now Hawaii definitely led her to this wonderful path of guiding others through their journey of life and now has established Happiness U – a business with a heartwarming purpose for organizations and individuals who are seeking unprecedented clarity.

Her capability of translating languages in English, Chinese and Japanese do not only resonate in linguistics itself. It potentially connects one energy to another being and allows us to answer our purpose in the progress of self-transformation, may it be personal or professional.

This episode will surely allow our growth to cross-pollinate with other aspects in life — starting a business, building a relationship with other people, touching base with our clients or even just loving ourselves.

Let’s take a look at what Alice shared on this episode!

  • Her journey from living an unhappy life to finding happiness 
  • Finding aspects such as strengths and purpose in people’s lives that they didn’t know they had
  • Establishing the curriculum of Happiness U by defining ‘purpose’ and ‘happiness’ that originally didn’t exist in the life of Alice
  • Acknowledging the challenges that one faces but still learning one’s purpose and serving values that are beneficial towards our growth

Series of questions that Alice asks to clarify one’s purpose:

  • Where do you nurture others in your life on a daily basis?
  • Where do you provide structured discipline?
  • Where are you a connector, an ambassador, a cross-pollinator? Where do you connect people to people, places and services?
  • Where are you a catalyst for change in others?

While we fuel ourselves up in finding our purpose with endless opportunities, we also have the ability to make these with the greatest love, heartfelt love, and powerful principles of life. 

Alice challenges us to consistently use one minute of our morning. Sit, close our eyes, take three deep breaths and ask ourselves: what do we need today? As we ask ourselves this question, answers in finding ourselves will follow through with enough desire and attention – indeed Happiness.

How about U? Find out more about how Happiness U leaves an indelible mark in the lives of people by having numerous training, classes, sessions, and programs. May it be mastering many facets of change, increasing energy for greater productivity, using the power of body language, or thriving during shifting times, allow Happiness U to become a  part of your life. 



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