Episode 35: Amy Schmidt, Author: Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond!


Amy is a podcaster, author, public speaker, blogger and CEO of  ARS and Associates and founder of the brand Fearlessly Facing Fifty. Her mission is to empower and encourage women forty plus to go all in and not lose their identity or become invisible.  She want to embolden women to push their fears aside and create the life they envision for themselves going forward into midlife and beyond

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Amy wrote her book Cannonball, a book for women in midlife
  • How Amy faced her fears before, during and after her TV interview!  
  • Amy’s story about running her 5K .  Her training and event. Stepping into something that was uncomfortable and making it happen.  
  • A health scare on Easter Sunday and how that became an important lesson that she shares with our listeners
  • What is refocusing and recalibrating in midlife?
  • Making yourself a priority!  Have you gotten sidetracked on a goal or thrown off course?  It’s never too late to begin


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