Anastasia Allison is a former park ranger and police officer turned full-time entrepreneur after a nearly fatal incident while driving home from a snowshoeing trip at Stevens Pass, Wa.  That single incident was a catalyst for her own journey of self-discovery. A lifelong musician, Anastasia is also the violinist for the duo called The Musical Mountaineers. She is also the founder of a gear company called Kula Cloth, which makes the very first antimicrobial pee cloth for all the places you “go”.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Anastasia went from being a railroad police officer to the founder of the Kula Cloth
  • What did she learn about herself during her journey
  • How did she work thru her limiting beliefs about herself
  • Did Anastasia work with a coach during her journey of self-discovery?
  • How does Anastasia calm the chaos in her life
  • What’s next on the horizon for Anastasia and her company!



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