Episode 64: Former Client Andrea shares her midlife Career Leap!


I recently had the opportunity to interview my former client Andrea for the podcast! What fun to be able to have Andrea share her journey of finding a new career with the listeners.  In our conversation, Andrea shares where she was at the beginning of her journey in finding a new career and where she is at today!  

Andrea is a Pacific Northwest resident and mom of a nine-year-old girl who is a very important part of her life!  Any type of career change had her daughter first and foremost in her thoughts.  She shares that it had been a struggle for her to figure out a good career fit for herself in the past because she didn’t take the time to listen to herself.  She spent too much time listening to a lot of the other outside noise and other people’s advice. Sound familiar? Even though she had a lot of different ideas on a career she didn’t trust herself.  

Our conversation continues as  Andrea shares a bit about how she was managing her job and why it was important now to move forward and prioritize a career change.  We discuss what mattered most to her in this decision and why she felt that life coaching was a good fit for her on this journey.  For Andrea working with a coach was a step forward in her future!  

Andrea felt that us working together was a good fit and that in our exploratory call we discussed a plan that resonated with her and she could see herself accomplishing her goal.  Andrea picked the 1:1  Eight Week Coaching Package and at first felt that perhaps that would not be enough time to get her desired results.  But she soon acknowledged that the sessions were “super focused”.  Andrea says that “you just have to take a step in the right direction” and that’s what she did through her journey. Having someone there each week to hold her accountable was helpful as well as having a safe place to share with no judgments made the process easier.  

Throughout the discussion, Andrea shares what the process looked like in finding her new dream career which would leave her feeling confident and fulfilled.  Not only did she have our weekly 1:1 session but she also had weekly worksheet homework and describes that process and how it helped her along the way.  Andrea shares that the Priorities and Time Tracker worksheet were very enlightening and helped her to be more proactive with her goals and blocking time for those priorities was a key to success.  

Andrea did land her dream career before the end of the eight-week session and feels wonderful that she is doing something fulfilling and helping people which was a big priority. She is also showing her daughter along the way that anything is possible.   She shares that if you are on the fence about coaching think of it as an investment in yourself.  “Why shouldn’t you invest in yourself if you are not sure what to do?”   “  You just gotta decide that you’re important and that you are worth it”.  

Lastly Andrea shares “You’re worthy of having your dreams and having the blessings and beautiful things that you are desiring”.  

I want to thank Andrea for being courageous to come on the podcast to share her story!  It takes a lot to get out of your comfort zone to do a podcast.  I’m sure you are inspiring women in midlife with your journey!  Are you ready to start your next chapter? Let’s connect for your free exploratory call.  What are you waiting for?