Reclaim Your Power and Highest Potential in Midlife

Ashley Holt


Ashley Holt is passionate about bringing women’s voices and leadership into the world!  After facing divorce and becoming a single parent, Ashley reinvented her life and turned her pain into her power and purpose! She is the author of Goddess, Wake up!  Through all of her books, Ashley’s mission is to empower others to claim their power, recognize their highest potential and live their best life!  

We begin our conversation by jumping in to discuss  Ashley’s journey through her divorce and how being introduced to positive affirmations changed her life!  For Ashley, this was a “mind-blowing” transformation.  Growing up, Ashley didn’t have a lot of confidence and felt very insecure.  When she started using positive affirmations, it took her a while to get comfortable speaking those words into existence.  What Ashely found was that they started to work! It was then that she started researching how these affirmations help to rewire the brain.  She then began to listen to these affirmations while she slept.  She then asked herself, why was she just learning this information? It was then that she started teaching these affirmations to her children. 

She then started to incorporate these affirmations into children’s books so other children including her own would be exposed to these affirmations as well. Ashley started to share her stories at schools and libraries.  As her children grew up she ventured into writing books for teens.  Through her talks with teen girls, the mom’s would reach out and say that even they needed these messages and that’s how she eventually wrote books for adults.  

Ashely then goes on to explain that during this time she realized that what she needed to do was to share how she got through her pain and begin sharing how she started to lie a life based on her potential instead of the pain.  This became the seven steps to the goddess mindset transformation!  The commitment to this transformation is that it takes five minutes per day. That’s not very long!  

We then dive into the contents of her book. The 28- day goddess mindset transformation is based on the word G.O.D.D.E.S.S Each letter is an affirmation and teaching.

G– Get outside your comfort zone

O-Overcome negative self-talk

D-Dare to dream big

D– Declare your desires to the universe

E-Expect Miracles

S-Stand In your truth

S-Surrender to self-love

Ashley shares that towards the end of the 28 days, you will have gotten outside of your comfort zone and allowed yourself to see what is possible. You are beginning to not just dream but dream BIGGER!  

When you think of a goddess, she stands in honor of her superpower and you can not take that away from her because it is her very essence.  Ashley feels that we are all here with one special gift and we are supposed to shine into the world.  We need to stop hiding that goddess within us because the world is waiting for it!  What is your goddess superpower and how do you find it? 

Ashley encourages us to stop playing small and unleash her inner goddess!  



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