How to Keep and Make New Friends!


It may seem terrifying, but a career change in midlife is probably your best decision if, you have heard yourself saying: “ After the pandemic, I just can’t go back to my job with the new requirements!” “ I’m getting a divorce and need to settle into a new career to support myself” “ The […]

Tackle Imposter Syndrome

Emee Estacio

About: Emee is the Founder of The PAME Code. She is a chartered psychologist with over 20 years of experience in health, community, and positive psychology. Her passion is to help people embrace their true worth, so they can live happy and fulfilling lives. Throughout her academic, coaching, and research career, she has worked closely […]

Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier

Picture of Linda Ward

About: Linda Ward is a Writer and Life Coach living in Minnesota. She specializes in helping mature women find everyday happiness and satisfying life. She zeroes in on life after divorce, retirement transitions, and finding courage no matter what the circumstances. Her inspiring new eBook is called, “Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier. ” Linda’s […]

Are You Ready to Raise Your Vibration?

About: Jean Atman is a Consciousness Coach and Quantum Healer. Her greatest joy is to spark awakening and facilitate deep level healing in the collective. She has been called to reach beyond her beloved practice and is on a mission to assist in the ascension process on a grander scale.  Jean is passionate about sharing […]

Learning to have courage and trust surrounding food.

About: Cassie Christopher is a Registered Dietitian, Emotional Eating Expert, and owner of Cassie Christopher Health Coaching. She has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and specializes in helping women in midlife and beyond find the Courage to Trust themselves around food. She helps women stop the cycle of all-or-nothing dieting that leads to numbing emotions […]

It Takes Guts to Live the Second Half of Your Life

About: Our guest today is Sheree Clark, a Midlife Courage Coach who calls her practice Fork in the Road. Sheree says she became a courage coach because she believes “it takes guts to live the second half of your life for you when you’ve lived the first half for everyone else.” Sheree has written and […]

Planning for retirement? Think about more than the money!

  You’ve set a date. And the date is getting closer. We have wedding dates, baby due dates, vacation dates, closing dates, and moving dates. We prepare for all those things — we make lists, we shop, we prepare, we do paperwork. We do our homework. Setting a date for retirement is no different. Just […]

Get Off the Bus of DOING and Start BEING!

About: Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps […]


In addition to coaching mid-career women who want to change things up or the stay-at-home moms who are going back to the workplace, I’ve had a new kind of wonderful client come to see me.  This is the retired woman who is going back into the workplace.  So whether you need to create extra income, […]

Clear the Clutter for Good!

About: This week my guest is Julie Morgenstern!  Julie Morgenstern is one of the leading experts on organization, business productivity, and time management. In this episode, We discussed her book SHED,  SHED your Stuff, Change your Life!   Since it’s Spring and some of us are focusing on decluttering, I thought it would be fun to […]