Your Second Act! Exploring Your Encore Career

career change in midlife

Retirement marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. For many women, this transition can be both exhilarating and daunting. While some relish the newfound freedom, others may find themselves at a crossroads, wondering what to do next.  Enter the concept of an encore career—a second act that offers fulfillment, purpose, and […]

Create A Peaceful Transition from Work to Personal Time

In today’s fast-paced world, where the line between work and personal life often blurs, the art of transitioning between the two has never been more crucial. With the demands of  life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of carving out a peaceful transition from work to personal time. Why Consider a Peaceful Transition? A peaceful […]

Transitioning from Work to Personal Time: A Guided Meditation for Inner Peace

About: In this episode of “Calm the Chaos,” we explore the importance of transitioning mindfully from work to personal time and how it contributes to our overall well-being. We discuss practical strategies for creating a sacred transition and share insights on the benefits of reflection, gratitude, and aligning with personal values during this process. This […]

Passion and Purpose Meditation

About: In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of our true passion and purpose. For women in midlife, this can be a particularly challenging time as we navigate transitions and reflect on where our journey has led us. If you find yourself yearning to reconnect with what truly sets […]

Nurturing Sisterhood! Celebrating, Connecting, and Supporting

In a world where relationships are often measured by digital connections, the strength of bonds formed by women in midlife is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond the confines of societal expectations and stereotypes, women find solace, understanding, and empowerment in the sisterhood that flourishes in their golden years yet we get busy within our world […]

The Hiring Manager vs. HR Manager

In the world of job hunting, the terms “HR Manager” and “Hiring Manager” are often used interchangeably, creating confusion for job seekers. However, understanding the crucial distinctions between these roles can significantly impact your job search strategy and success. Let’s delve into the differences and explore why paying attention to them can make a significant […]

All My Future is Behind Me

I am pleased to present a special guest writer!  Ann Richardson!  I met Ann in the Sixty and Me Community as we are both guest writers on their website!   I read this piece and reached out to ask if she would mind sharing it with my community!  I hope you enjoy it and check out […]

Manifest Your Shining Star and Build Confidence!

Have you felt invisible after turning 40, 50 or 60? You are not alone! Many women experience this sense of fading into the background as society tends to prioritize youth and overlook the wisdom and beauty that come with age. It’s not uncommon to feel like your voice is getting lost amidst the noise or […]

Now is the Time to Invest in Yourself

As Women, we are  faced with a unique set of challenges. Often we are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities, which can leave little time for personal growth and development. However, investing in oneself is essential for personal and professional growth, and it’s  never too late to start today!  I will be sharing  why it […]

Feeling Lost Navigating Your Next Chapter?

Are you feeling lost navigating your next chapter? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us – even those of us with multiple degrees and a library card that’s more worn than our favorite pair of slippers. It’s like trying to decipher a cryptic crossword puzzle – challenging, frustrating, and you might end up […]