Identify Your Purpose  in Midlife 

Four Steps to Identifying Your Purpose  in Midlife  Have you reached a point in your life where you felt like you were simply going through the motions?  Maybe you wake up each day feeling unfulfilled, wondering if there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing. If so, you are not alone!  Many […]

Keep Your Resume Updated in Today’s Market

Keeping your resume updated is crucial if you want to stay on top of your game in the current  job market. Whether you are actively looking for a new job or simply want to be prepared for any future opportunities that may come your way, having an updated resume can make all the difference. In […]

How to Celebrate Yourself this Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Perhaps you’ve boycotted the “Hallmark ” holiday, or you embrace it with fun for yourself, your partner, and galantines. Whether you are in a partnership or flying solo, there is no better time than this month to turn inwards and spend some time acknowledging how amazing you are. Here are […]

New Year, New Career, Is this your year?

Do you love January? The stress of presents, parties, and the perfect holiday season is over, and for some of us we can reflect on the past year as well as brainstorm goals for the new year ahead. January can be filled with optimism, possibility, and excitement; I like to imagine the best self I […]

 Developing Conscious Awareness

About: Edwige Gilbert is a transformational  Guide and Founder of New Life Directions.  She helps others to reinvent their lives and creates fresh starts driven by a purposeful vision. As an international speaker and author of “The Fresh Start Promise” and” Victim to Victorious”, Edwige turns stress into success by clearing unwanted habits and behaviors, […]

Our Quest to Age Gracefully

About: I had the opportunity to connect with Melissa this week for the podcast and am excited to share how she is serving her community and how you can let go of stress and unlock your creativity one doodle at a time!    Melissa Lloyd has twenty-plus years of professional design and communication and combines that […]

December is a great month to shop for a new career!

Perhaps you are like me and reading this right before the Christmas holiday and thinking, “with so much going on this time of year, why would  I be looking for a new career?”  that can wait until 2023!  I have enough to do!   What would make you stop looking for a new career in December? […]

Stop Playing Small! Recognize your Worth

About: Kamini Wood is a certified professional coach who helps people take the courageous steps to identify their limiting beliefs, the reasons for their stagnation, or feelings of not-enoughness, so they can have what they want professionally and personally to live a fulfilled life. She is the creator of AuthenticMe® and CEO of Live Joy […]

Gain Clarity in All Aspects of Life

About: Alice Inoue is an award-winning author and life expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life challenges. Alice has created a great number of books on self-love and happiness and allowed herself to grow more through her long-running column in Hawaii’s largest publication, Midweek. Alice’s multiple exposures living in […]

Set Intentions for the Holiday and 2023!

About: In November, Cassie Christopher and I presented a live workshop titled, How to set intentions for the holidays and into 2023!   We had wonderful participation during the event and thought it would be helpful to play you a recording of the workshop AND give you access to the accompanying worksheet! Just in case […]