Bonus Episode: Barbara Badolati, Be Well Retreats, Virtual Retreats


Barbara Badolati has been featured in several publications, podcasts, TV and is a Ted Talk speaker.  She is a business coach for coaches, a mindful meditation teacher for organizations and the creator of Be Well Retreats where she provides virtual retreats for her community.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The next Be Well Retreat Schedule: 

    BeWell Retreats presents The Miracle of the Mind, transform your story

    a virtual mini-retreat  Saturday, September 26

    12:00-4:00pm Eastern   /   9:00am-1:00pm Pacific  or whatever time zone you’re in anywhere in the world.

    Featured Presenters: Dani Green, Nate Guadagni and Barbara Badolati

    Feeling stuck or in a rut? Our lives play out from the stories we tell ourselves.  What if you could use your thoughts and imagination to create a new story? One that your subconscious would agree to!  This retreat allows you to try out self-hypnosis, qigong movement and a playful envisioning activity allowing you to change any area of your life you so desire.  Includes a full Retreat Guide to use during and after the retreat.

    Early Bird special Sept 8-18 $49 includes the 15 page Retreat Guide or $79 for the Full Retreat Experience includes Friday evening Mix & Mingle, the Retreat and Retreat Guide plus our After Glow Gathering with $275 worth of Bonus Retreat gifts.

    Registration closes Friday, September 25 at noon  Take advantage of the Early Bird prices by September 18!


Connect with Barbara here

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