Episode 50: Beth Garrett, Elevating Your Image
Color Me Beautiful Consultant
Get Your Sparkle Back!


Beth Garrett is a certified Wardrobe Consultant who helps Women “Get Excited” about how they look. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them look more vibrant and youthful without spending a lot of money on expensive surgical procedures. Beth believes that our mental health and self-image is directly affected by what we see in the mirror.  Color is magic and can instantly transform how one looks; and we all deserve to know what colors enhance our natural beauty.  Beth has had a fascination with how colors look on different skin tones for decades. Upon retirement from Corporate America, she decided to become a Color Me Beautiful Certified.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • Beth’s journey from corporate IT Department to Color me Beautiful
  • How Beth followed her curiosity and intuition
  • As we age our pigmentation fades and we need to revisit what colors look best on us to make us sparkle! 
  • How to get a color consult virtually
  • Why you don’t need a “little black dress”.  What color do you need ?
  • Thinking about accessories and how they can enhance our appearance
  • Success stories from past clients!
  • How does Beth Calm the Chaos in her life!
  • How you can engage with Beth for your color consult virtually


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