Beth built her medical career around bringing wellness into everyday life, especially for busy women juggling work, children, and their relationships. She obtained her undergraduate degree in art history at the University of Pennsylvania, medical degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Trained at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City, worked at Columbia’s Center for Women’s Health, and at the Women’s Health Center at the Cleveland Clinic.

A fortuitous move to Santa Monica, CA allowed her to shift her focus from seeing patients to writing, a transformation that has allowed her to reach a broader audience of women on the issues of health and wellness. Subsequently, her first book was published in 2018, and sees patients now at the Venice Family Clinic.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Challah
  • How did Beth’s journey begin making Challah each week and how has it changed her life
  • How is making Challah a meditative practice for Beth
  • The importance of the prayer prior to making Challah
  • Discussion on how food is medicine
  • How has making Challah changed her life and her community
  • Beth’s challenge for the listeners


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