Cara Downey is a once-therapist turned museum archivist. She is the founder of Freagh Cottage Residency for Artists + Writers, a creative residency located on the west coast of Ireland. She is also a co-founding editor at Empty House Press, a small magazine focusing on home, place, and memory. She recently relocated to the wilds of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she works at a small museum by the ocean attempting to read 100-year-old handwriting. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cara’s journey from mental health therapist to where she is at today working at the museum, her online publication and managing her cottage in Ireland for creatives!
  • What prompted Cara to make her home available?  
  • Cara shares about Freagh Cottage and what makes it unique
  • The collaboration with her friend on Empty House Press
  • How Cara Calms the Chaos in her own life
  • What’s next on the horizon for Cara and Freagh Cottage


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