How to make a career leap in midlife!

You’ve decided to make a career leap in midlife but are uncertain about how to get started.  I’ve put together these five tips so you can easily make the leap while knowing you have all your ducks in a row!  Some people spend more time planning a vacation than they do a career transition!  So let’s get started.

Step 1:  Understand your WHY. When I am working with clients this is one of the most important steps in tackling a goal so why not something as important as your career leap! Here are some questions to ask yourself. 

  • Why is making this leap  so important to you? How is it going to not only impact yourself but those you love?  Perhaps it will bring you more freedom and financial independence?  Why is this move so important to you?  
  • How is this career transition going to help you be more in alignment to your purpose?  
  • How will you feel when you are doing the job you desire?  How will that impact your overall sense of wellbeing?  

We would all like to anticipate a smooth transition when making a career transition but oftentimes in any goal there is movement forward and unexpected setbacks.  When we have those setbacks this piece of paper is what you’ll want to take out and reference when the going gets tough.  This tool will help to propel you forward and gain the momentum you need to succeed! 

Step 2:  Set some Goals.  What type of timeline do you have for yourself moving forward. Is this a transition you are going to make gradually or jump in feet first?  Take some time to be clear with yourself and your expectations.  Do you need to go back to school for a certification or do some additional networking or research in order to get clarity on your move?  Take some time to write out those next steps you feel are required in the process so you can continue to move forward.   

  • Helpful tip!  Google has added a feature to it’s mobile calendar app that can assist you on managing your goals on your calendar and holding yourself accountable.  If you feel that some calendar accountability would be helpful check it out!  
  • Write down three things you need to do to move you forward towards your career transition!  This will get you started.


Step 3:  Create a good Network.  If you are in the beginning phase of your transition it’s important to surround yourself with a good network of people who can support you with introductions and advice.   Use your social platforms to reach out to individuals in various circles to let them know what you are doing and the type of help you need. People love to help people and are often flattered to give their advice. You are not bothering them!  So often my clients are hesitant to reach out to friends and colleges  for help. I often remind them how they feel if someone asks them for advice regarding their industry or career. I’m sure you are all too happy to provide some help!  Don’t hesitate but reach out 

  • Helpful tip!  How connected are you on Linkedin? Do you have a profile?  Are you connected with friends and colleagues?  Have you been searching your desired job for contacts in companies where you can reach out and gain better insight on the position or field?  You’ll be able to gain a lot of insight from  your connections on Linkedin.  During my coaching sessions we can often spend a good portion of one session researching together contacts, jobs, and useful information on LinkedIn.  It’s a matter of knowing how to use the system! 

Here is a helpful article on how to use LinkedIn 

Step 4:  Consider your financial situation
.  When considering your transition you will want to evaluate your financial needs now and move into retirement.   Will this career transition not only help you get more in alignment with your purpose but will it also help you meet your financial goals?  Will you be able to make the leap right away or is this something you’ll need to do part time and slowly build your skills and network to be able to take full time?  Everyone’s journey is different and you need to do what’s best for your comfort level.  

Perhaps moving into midlife with a career leap your financial commitments are not as great as they were in the earlier days.  As we continue to work later in life, our priorities and financial  needs change which is a consideration.  

  • Helpful Tip!  Take some time to look at your monthly expenses. What do you need to generate in order to feel that you have a sufficient amount of income.  Perhaps this leap will enable you to make more money as you are better able to use your skills and gifts with the world!  Or you may be wanting to scale back a bit to do something part time that feels right for you but will earn you less income.  Whatever the situation, be practical.  Now is the time to write down your current and future expenses so you can  walk through that door with the clarity you need to make the right decision for yourself.  

Step5: Not Living with Regret:   Now is the time for you to face your fears about making a transition and getting out of your comfort zone!  It’s now or never!  Many times people will say, “I’m too old to make a transition”.  Guess what?  You’re going to get old anyways!  Why not go after your dream and make it happen?   Are you going to look back on your life and wish you had made a transition?  

  • Helpful Tip!   Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On the left hand side write down everything that could go right with your transition.  Now on the right hand side write down how you would feel at 90 years old having never made the leap?  What do you have to lose?  

Take the time today to ask yourself what is important to you and why it is  important  for you to do this right now!  What does success look like for you right now and how would you like to start living more in alignment with your purpose in life?  I challenge you to think of yourself coming from a place of abundance.  Anything is possible, you just need to get out of your own way! 

If you are needing some help getting clarity on your next steps, please reach out to me via my website and book a free exploratory call.   I help women walk into their next chapter with confidence and ease. What’s your next chapter?  

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