December is a great month to shop for a new career!

Perhaps you are like me and reading this right before the Christmas holiday and thinking, “with so much going on this time of year, why would  I be looking for a new career?”  that can wait until 2023!  I have enough to do!  

What would make you stop looking for a new career in December? The shopping, wrapping, meal planning, holiday baking, not to mention the family functions?  It’s enough to make your head spin. I get it…  

Here are the Reasons Why it’s a great time to Shop!  

Granted, no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year can be hectic.  Here are some reasons why it’s a good time to consider getting your “ducks in a row” before January 1st!  

Most of the hiring managers are decking the halls and taking time off,  but they are also working on firming up budgets for next year and getting job postings either up or scheduled for the new year!  I know three large companies in my own area that are hiring right now and it’s two weeks before Christmas!  With so many employees out of the office, hiring managers have more time to answer emails and phone calls. They also have more time to pay attention to the details in your resume. Take this time to reach out to hiring managers responsible for filling the positions you applied for. With more downtime in the office, hiring managers have more time to respond to emails. Is there someone you need to follow up with?  Do you have a recruiter on your list to contact?  

If you are thinking of a career move after the first of the year which is the very best time to look for a job then now is the time to dust off the resume and get some support in making the necessary changes.  How up-to-date is your Linkedin profile and what changes need to be made?  Are you networking during the holidays and sending connections warm wishes for the holiday season? Keep those lines of communication open, friendly, and casual.

If They Can Do it so can YOU 

Last year my client Janinne was up against the wall in her career feeling underappreciated and overworked.  She knew that prioritizing a career move was on the list for the new year but felt pressured to get a jump start and good she followed her instinct. In between the holiday festivities, Janinne prioritized a couple of afternoons a week to connect with me to conduct a resume audit, spruce up her Linkedin Profile and submit some applications. By the second week of January, she had interviews lined up and by the first week of February was starting her dream job!  It can be done with some intention and dedication of time to prioritize something each day. Working with a coach can help you to take one step at a time and not feel overwhelmed with the process.  

Another client, Rebecca couldn’t fathom looking for a new job while caught in the frenzy of the holiday festivities. She opted to take a couple of days in between the holiday to connect with me to prioritize a resume reset, take a breath and update her interview skills. We prioritized getting several applications done in those days and she was feeling very confident in her journey moving forward so when the ball dropped in Time Square on New Year!  

Joyce was unemployed last year during the holidays and feeling very discouraged heading into the new year without a  job.  The demands of the kid’s schedules and supporting her mother left her feeling overwhelmed with not enough time to tackle her own needs.  We worked each week on making sure her resume looked consistent with the job description for which she was seeking.  Slow and steady progress won Joyce the prize. She took more time during the season to follow up with hiring managers and recruiters and it paid off with a new job right after the new year! Joyce is coming up on her one-year anniversary and we are getting back together over Zoom to celebrate! 

Don’t Be Left in the Dust 

Do any of the above women sound like you right now? Don’t lose your optimism and hope!  

What may seem like an overwhelming prospect doesn’t need to be when you break it out into manageable chunks! As busy women over forty, we are managing a lot on our plate and this is the season when we prioritize bringing joy to others.  Why not prioritize your joy and peace this week?  You don’t need as much time as you think to start the process of looking for a new career.  

By getting a headstart now in December you are weeks ahead of your competition who will be slowly winding up after a long holiday break. More competition comes in January!  

Take that first step for yourself and reach out for support!  I am offering a career change resume audit! This is a great opportunity to be guided through the process, learn some new skills, and increase your self-confidence.  


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