Nurturing Sisterhood! Celebrating, Connecting, and Supporting

In a world where relationships are often measured by digital connections, the strength of bonds formed by women in midlife is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond the confines of societal expectations and stereotypes, women find solace, understanding, and empowerment in the sisterhood that flourishes in their golden years yet we get busy within our world […]

How to Keep and Make New Friends!


It may seem terrifying, but a career change in midlife is probably your best decision if, you have heard yourself saying: “ After the pandemic, I just can’t go back to my job with the new requirements!” “ I’m getting a divorce and need to settle into a new career to support myself” “ The […]

Eight Tips for Making Friends in Midlife

Making friends in midlife can often seem a little bit like dating and leaving us feeling a bit out of our comfort zone!  Often, we would love to initiate a conversation with someone we find interesting but are left feeling insecure and embarrassed about making that first move.  Sound familiar?   Today we are going to […]