Attorney to Host of Thoughts from a Page Podcast!

Cindy Burnett


Cindy Burnett is the host of the Thoughts from a Page Podcast where she interviews authors about their latest works. An avid reader and book reviewer, Cindy loves to talk about books everywhere she can. In addition to hosting her podcast, she actively promotes books she loves on social media including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Cindy writes two book columns for The Buzz Magazines, Buzz Reads, and Page Turners, and reviews books monthly for She is also a co-creator of Conversations from a Page, a Houston author event series that brings authors and readers together in a relaxed and welcoming setting; the group recently added an online book club as well. As a contributor, she writes “best of” book articles in the genres of historical fiction, non-fiction, and mysteries. In addition to reading, Cindy loves theatre, art, movies, National parks, travel, and hiking in Colorado during the summer.

Cindy shares her journey on going from lawyer to retirement to take care of children and then ultimately finding her passion and purpose!  She shares how it was seven years ago while working on a volunteer project for her kid’s school that someone recognized her love for reading and invited her to be a part of their Facebook book group!  It was by being in the group, meeting, and interviewing authors that it snowballed to where she is today!  (  You just never know when saying yes to something will turn into something more! ) 

She shares that going through this process was exciting because she always loved reading books and loves to talk so it was fun to see that it could turn into a career! The path wasn’t easy nor a straight line! It took a lot of exploring and correcting to form the circle she feels that she has created today!

Cindy’s journey continued by hosting a book event in the home for her friend’s book that was published.  The response was fantastic and many people showed up and loved the event.  Soon everyone was asking about the next event!  From there Cindy continued to invite authors to the home for these in-person events.  It’s during these events that Cindy and her co-host would interview the authors in a very intimate atmosphere!  Sounds like a lot of fun!  

Then in 2021 the pandemic hit and in-home author hosting events were not realistic and people suggested that she host a podcast and take her interviews to the airwaves!  So began the journey of researching what it would take to produce a podcast and before she knew it she was recording up to three podcasts a week!  

Cindy shares about her journey in learning the art of podcasting and all that goes into producing a show and how she conquered the learning curve!   For Cindy, Google became her friend!  

We talk about how to overcome the self-doubt in taking on a new project and overcoming that learning curve!  There are so many resources out there to lend a hand: 

A Coach who’s walked in your shoes, Google, and YouTube! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos myself when I started my podcast!  Such a great resource for learning how to do something new! Also, ask for feedback! People are willing to share and provide help if you reach out and ask.  

Cindy shares that with her podcast business, she picks something new to focus on each month which is great advice when starting out. Don’t try to do everything all at once. Take it slowly, learn and get a good grasp of one aspect of the business or customer before moving on to something new! 

We talk a bit about the book industry through the pandemic how right now they are seeing supply chain issues and what are the consequences of those shortages.  If you have a specific book that you would like to give for the holiday season then now would be the time to make that purchase!  

Cindy shares a book that she is reading right now and one that she is listening to as well!  

The print book she is reading now is called: Woodrow on the Bench, Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog  

The book she is listening to is called: Taste, My Life Through Food  

Our conversation turns to Cindy giving some advice to women over forty who are on the fence about going after their dream. She encourages you to find that something that you love to do!  When she was an attorney, she like being a lawyer just fine but she loves what she does now!  Can you turn that something that you love to do into something that can move forward into a career?