Clarity Parenting


This podcast episode is the journey of my client Sky who recently completed her 8-week coaching program with me to gain the clarity and confidence she needed regarding her next career move!

Sky came to me recently unemployed and feeling confused about what to do next.  She wasn’t sure if staying in her early childhood education was the best move for her and she was needing some guidance to help make that decision and gain the skills she needed to show up with confidence to be able to discuss her experience and skills during the interview process

Sky wrestled with the how-to effectively seek employment and those beliefs that “nobody was going to want me as a woman in midlife”. She also felt that she was “too old to change what she was doing”.  She had a lot of negative mindset going on at the time of our first meeting!

Sometimes making that initial call to a coach can feel scary and be vulnerable with someone you don’t know very well.  Sky shares how she felt after that first free sixty-minute introductory call with me.  “It felt good like I was connecting with somebody who understood my situation and help tease out what I wanted and what would make me happy and fulfilled”.  

It was clear after our initial conversation that Sky didn’t feel that great about herself or her situation.  For her, it was like a lifeboat came along and she was going to jump on!  

Sky shares what it was like to show up for the coaching each week and do the homework which combined self-exploration and career coaching.  Sky loved the exercises because they showed her that what she was looking for in the future and it whatever she chose would need to be meaningful and purposeful.  She also learned that she had a lot of knowledge about families and wanted to a be service to her community!

During this process, Sky created some big dreams and big goals for herself, and for her, it was helpful to have someone help break those down into small steps that she could follow so that each week she accomplished those goals! 

Sky shares how she enjoyed working through the worksheets in the Passion and Purpose Workbook.   She shares her favorite worksheet during the eight weeks and that the exercise made her feel like she was an investment and does have a value to provide and there are things that she wants for herself and her future!  She loves going back and reading what she wrote on the exercises during the coaching process as it helps her to see how far she has come during this period!

We discuss that time in the coaching process where Sky felt that turn in her mindset and how she saw herself. That process evolved from the very first session where we tackled some of her ongoing nightmares and how to work through that process. Then she had her mirror work assignments which in the beginning she was whispering her mantra and now she is comfortable looking at herself in the mirror and believing what she is saying to herself!  Even now she is continuing to remind herself in the mirror that she deserves her ideal life!  This helped her keep her goals and focus while making ongoing progress. 

There are many coaches out there on the internet and Sky shares why she decided to work with me through the eight-week coaching process and how she felt about our initial introduction.  ( I’ll let you listen to her own words! )  So important to hear if you are looking to reach out to a coach!  

It became apparent through the coaching that Sky was someone who values creativity, autonomy, and independence.  She also wants to give back to her community!  She wants to be someone who helps people! Sky decided to take her certification to become a life coach and will be opening her coaching business which focuses on helping families. Her business… is Clarity Parenting and her focus will be helping families with young children. A lot of what she will be offering is providing behavior guidance to families! She will also help families find the right type of childcare for their children and offer a unique perspective coming from her professional background. 

Sky is confident now that she can do this and she can create her ideal lifestyle and dream career!  She shares that having someone to help guide you to overcome the mindset that is holding you back is very helpful in the process. Also having a coach that can help you take a look at yourself and help you see the value in who you are for yourself and the world is helpful. 

What are you waiting for? If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck in what to do next for your career journey let’s connect for your free sixty-minute session so we can get to know each other!  Go grab your favorite beverage and fill out your application!