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I landed my dream job, 8 minutes from my home (!), paying 36% more than I had thought I could earn.

I came into life coaching out of desperation - I needed to re-enter the corporate world after 30 years of stay-at-home Momming & homeschooling. Instead of getting a job as an office worker, which was what I had been aiming for, Deborah encouraged me to see myself as who I really am - a corporate trainer. I landed my dream job, 8 minutes from my home (!), paying 36% more than I had thought I could earn. But it's not just the job - I have new confidence to ask questions instead of assuming, to speak up and to unapologetically share my wisdom. I'm standing taller these days!

~ Julia S.

Would you like to land your dream job,
but don’t know where to begin?

Engage in self-exploration with up-to-date job search methods for a winning combination!

It's time to...

I have walked in your shoes
I know it can be overwhelming
to take those first steps.

When my kids left the nest, I was looking for something that would feel more purposeful and fulfill me well into the future.

In moving towards retirement, I wanted to find a career that would not only be rewarding, but would contribute towards the common good of society, while also meeting my financial and lifestyle criteria. I didn’t know where to begin, so I hired a life coach and we began a process of exploration. 

Through that process, I discovered that coaching was my new calling.  

Combining my life and career coaching certification from the Fowler Institute with 35+ years of corporate business and entrepreneurial experience, I have been able to create a successful coaching business.

I now help women over 40 who are faced with the same challenges so that they can create a more purposeful and fulfilling next chapter of their lives as well!

She taught me to think outside the box and to see things in a positive light.

Deborah's life coaching was a tremendous boost for me! I was wanting to change careers and her guidance helped me to see what I needed to do in order to bring about a career change. She gave me clear cut ideas and actions I needed to take for success. She taught me to think outside the box and to see things in a positive light. Her wonderful ideas, expertise, and support during the coaching sessions were invaluable to me! I highly recommend signing up with Deborah for her life coaching!

~ Marilyn S.

Are you ready to go from confusion to clarity?

Here are the steps:


We get clear on where you are today, why moving towards a new career is important to you, and why moving forward will impact your life overall. 


We look at your career interests and options, identify your personal and work values, and look at your strengths and interests.


We dive into self-exploration and get clear on priorities and becoming your future self while getting curious about potential job opportunities.


We put together a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, making sure that you differentiate yourself properly from other job-seeking candidates 


We create your unique Career Marketing Plan, get into action, and celebrate you landing your dream career!

What makes this program unique?


This isn’t just career coaching!

 This is your opportunity to take the time to get clear on your desires and who you want to be in your career! 

 If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, let’s get to the core of why, and gain clarity on the next steps to take towards the life and career that you want.


Not one size fits all!

Everyone’s journey is different. 

That’s why I have created four unique programs based on the type of support you need.

 Choose from one of the below options!


You know what you want
let’s get you there!

4 weeks is not enough! I need to develop my Career Marketing Plan!

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Help! I don’t know where to start! I'll Walk you through your Dream Career Journey!

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