What am I doing with my Life? Walking for Wisdom


Dami Roelse is a certified life coach, writer, and retired mental health provider. Born in Holland, Dami has traveled the world extensively, lived on different continents, and has learned to use her travel as inspiration for living. As she entered the 3rd phase of life Dami lost her life partner. She went for a long walk in the Himalayas to escape the reality of life without her life partner. This trek in a desolate wilderness at a high altitude gave her back her sense of belonging. You can read about Dami’s spiritual quest and trek in the Himalayas in her book: “Fly Free, a memoir of love, loss, and walking the path”.

Since then Dami uses long-distance hiking and backpacking as a means to deepen her connection with nature and the universe.

Her book, “Walking Gone Wild, How to lose your age on the trail”, explores and explains walking, hiking, and backpacking as a means of re-invigorating life for women as they age. Interlaced with stories of real women who have built confidence through walking, it presents a new model of aging with vitality, grace, and a deepened connection to life.

Aside from trekking in the Himalayas and Morocco, walking and hiking in Europe, Dami has hiked more than 2500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in the last 9 years. Dami writes about the benefits of walking, hiking, and backpacking for women50plus.

 Dami shares the following

Dami didn’t start walking serious distances until the age of 65!  For her 65th birthday, Dami decided to “do something big”  like walk a length of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon which is the state she lived in at the time. 

This summer  2022, Dami finished the last piece of the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,650 miles!  The entire journey took ten years and in the last stretch this summer she completed 180 miles at 75 years young!

At the beginning of her journey, Dami had lost her husband and felt a bit disoriented and was wondering “who am I” and “what am I doing with my life”.  She was close to retirement. The trail gave her time to think and it was out on the trail that she discovered who she was.  She felt connected when she was out in nature.  For Dami, she found her place amongst the old-growth trees.  

Dami says that her purpose is not to hike long distances but to really know herself and increase her awareness.  It’s also to share the possibility of how to do that with other people, especially women. She enjoys coaching women on their “third phase of life”.  Through posting her travels within her Facebook group and website Dami has been an inspiration for women of all ages to do the same!

When we get older we get set in our ways and it often becomes difficult to get out of our comfort zone and try new things.  Dami encourages us to go where we fear to live.  She shares how she was afraid of the desert and how a walk helped her to conquer that fear.  Break what you are fearful of and try it in smaller bite-size pieces to get a sense of what to expect and build your self-confidence!  

Dami’s book,  Walking Gone Wild,  shared stories about women who started walking and what it did for them in their journey.  She shares their stories and their “why” for walking.  

Walking Women Fifty Plus Facebook group has over 3000 followers who are sharing their stories and offering encouragement and tips!  

Dami shares some of her favorite hikes and the advantages of using walking poles.

We leave you with a great challenge! Tune in for details.  


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