Get Off the Bus of DOING and Start BEING!


Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into a permanent state of ease, joy, and passion. By transcending from the conditioned human to the consciousness of their true self, they shift into effortlessly creating by being, instead of creating by doing. 

Daniela has been on the show before and is returning to share more wisdom about how to function at a higher level of consciousness!

In our conversation, here is what you will learn

  • How you can get off the bus of doing and start being in life! 
  • How you can find a deeper sense of joy, peace, and passion in your days
  • When you let go of the controlling and planning then you can find the joy in life!
  • Anxiety and stress are a result of human conditioning
  • Life is happening FOR YOU, not to you.  
  • Tips on how you can begin to get into a state of being and some challenges for you to accept!  

Maybe you are missing the joy and passion in your life and need to get off the bus and start BEING!  I invite you to reach out to me and schedule your free clarity call to discuss what’s holding you back!  



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