Freedom to Be Who YOU Want to BE


Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into a permanent state of ease, joy, and passion. By transcending from the conditioned human to the consciousness of their true self, they shift into effortlessly creating by being, instead of creating by doing.

My conversation with Daniela begins by her sharing her journey and how in the beginning her life and health escalated to a point where she became very ill and realized that she wanted to know the truth and things needed to change. For her she wanted Freedom. To her Freedom is to be who she wants to be whenever she wants to be!  And to do whenever she wants to do!  

Daniela takes the pain she experienced and turned it into her passion so that others can know their true selves and let go of the human conditioning and be free!  

Daniela shares her motto:  Learn From Everyone, Follow No One.  You are unique and have a unique blueprint. There is no need to follow anyone.  You learn and take what you want and discard what you don’t like.  Think of life as an all-you-can-eat buffet!  

We discuss that fear is a product of the mind.  When we live in fear, guilt, and anxiety we are living of the mind and not living in the true higher consciousness of self.  In order to have a higher consciousness of self, we need to hold absolute trust in life and know that we are good and all is amazing.  That everything is happening for me 

We then go on to discuss how to let go of the “doing” and “going”  so that we can step back and “be”.  How do we surrender to that in our life?  It’s really a shift in consciousness.  A shift in your thought and emotional patterns in your state of being.  

Our discussion journeys on to discussing how to be present and with others and show up with no expectations or bringing any of the past “humaning” into the moment and how that will have a powerful impact on your relationships. Daniela encourages us to be and not get hung up in expectations on how things need to turn out or what needs to get done. Just be open to having what needs to transpire at that moment.  

Daniela challenges us to do this with the next person we encounter:  Don’t look at them as to how they should be but just be with them.  Look at them as to how they are.  Let go of what you need from them or how they should behave. Be with them as they are and be you as you are and see the change.  


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