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Danielle Collins is THE Face Yoga Expert!  With over 17 years of experience teaching to millions worldwide!  Danielle believes in combining traditional techniques that have been used for thousands of years with modern scientifically proven research.  Believe it or not, Face Yoga has been proven to make you look three years younger in 20 weeks as these results were conducted by dermatologists at Northwestern University!  Not only does she provide the tools to her community to do this in their home but she supports her community with a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, shop, and teacher training!  Danielle makes herself accessible and is a wealth of information on how to nurture your mind and body! 

Danielle’s journey started 19 years ago when she had just completed university and was starting her career but began to feel very unwell and went to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with a virus called glandular fever.  At that point, she was housebound and bedridden for a good part of a year.  It was during that time that a doctor told her that there was nothing they could do for her.   Basically, this is how you’ll live for the balance of your life!  It was during this time that someone recommended yoga.  This gentle method of taking care of herself kick-started her journey to a path of healing herself from the inside out. 

During this period of discovering yoga and seeing the results on how she felt within her body, she called on other experts to learn meditation, positive thinking, visualization, massage therapy, and acupuncture.  It was by combining a lot of these techniques together that she was able to feel healthy and strong within 18 months! 

Coming through to the other side of her illness, Danielle knew that she had suffered in this so that she could share her experiences with other people.  She knew that there were other people perhaps going through a similar illness or may just want to learn some simple and effective techniques to help them feel healthier and happier.  

It was then that she took some training in relaxation therapy, yoga teacher training, nutrition, and face massage.  Initially, she started out by teaching a lot of relaxation and yoga classes.  It was then that she wanted to do something that was natural for the face.  Danielle explains that at the time, there wasn’t a lot available and all the focus was strengthening our bodies from the neck down.  There are 57 muscles in our face! With her knowledge about facial massage, she wanted to develop a protocol where people could do these techniques at home.  

Danielle goes on to share how we can strengthen and relax certain muscles.  We do have control over how we can naturally keep our skin vibrant and healthy!  This is when she developed the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method.  Not only is she teaching these principles to students but she has written two books on her methods which have been translated into 12 different languages.  

Danielle shares some of the feedback she has received from people who have used her face yoga method and some pretty incredible before and after pictures!  But most of all their face looks vibrant and healthy. They also notice a release in the stress and tension in their face as well as a reduction of headaches and sinus issues.

We jump into how to get started and it really depends on how much time you have in your day and the type of results that you want to achieve.  A great starting point is her ten-day course.

On her website, you’ll be able to see the opportunity to connect and subscribe to her podcast and her products.  We do discuss her newest product: The Fusion Mask.  This product is natural, vegan, and organic.  It won’t be harsh or react to the skin.  You can use this product a couple of times per week.  It’s designed to draw out impurities in the skin, hydrate, and encourage cell renewal and natural cell turnover.  It helps to stimulate the natural production of collagen.  

In our conversation, we discuss how face yoga can help to produce more collagen and elastin in our skin.   We naturally tend to lose about 1% of collagen each year from around the age of 18. Massage is very helpful with cell turnover and renewal as it gets into the middle layer of the skin. Boosting circulation and help get fresh blood and nutrients into the areas where collagen and elastin lie.  By strengthening and toning those muscles under the skin you will be providing that structure and everything will look more lifted!

Maybe today is the day for you to get curious and connect with Danielle!  Perhaps give Face Yoga a try? 



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