Daniel Mangena


Daniel Mangena is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Broadcaster, and Coach. He is best known for his highly successful Micro2Millions program, being the author of Stepping Beyond Intention and his Do it With Dan and Beyond Success podcasts. He is completely self-made and has spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodology.

His mission statement: “To spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness, by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life.”

Daniel has learned his lesson’s later in life through losing his fortunes not once but twice.  What he learned through this process is the importance of your energetic relationship with something and the importance of developing that relationship with something to allow it to stay. He focuses now on conscious deliberate creating.

We discuss how to break free of emotional blocks to get that desired dream life that so many of us are seeking!  Daniel shares that our desires within ourselves are ready to be birthed and most of the time, we are not allowing it to be part of our world. 

Daniel reminds us that everything we experience is a result of where we are in our environment. The actions we are taking, the habits, behaviors, and choices we make, and the people, places, and things that surround ourselves.

We go on to discuss the conflict between our conscious and unconscious thoughts and how 97% of our behaviors are run by unconscious programs.  For the most part, the actions we take are not conscious choices. That’s why for many, we are misaligned with our thoughts and outcomes.  You may be ready to go out and achieve something new but most often our habits and behaviors are not matching the desired outcome.  The reason why is that our unconscious thoughts don’t match the desired outcome. 

One way to get into alignment with our unconscious thoughts is to create an environment that supports us in getting in alignment with our thoughts and desires.  Our thoughts, fears, and desires are built from our environment from our journey from infant to today!  We need to understand that our environment can support us and if we curated it appropriately then the change will come easier and have the desired snowball effect.  

Begin to ask yourself:  What do we want to manifest or create for ourselves and then how does my environment right now support the emotional state and outcome that I want to achieve?

Ask yourself: Are your existing habits and emotions supporting my emotional desire or are these habits and emotions disrupting those desires and allowing me to step into something different. Changing your emotional state will change the quality of your thoughts!  

We continue to discuss more opportunities to get in alignment with your unconscious and conscious thoughts and emotions by looking at how our environment and habits can support us

I ask Daniel about a blog article he wrote about Rejecting the Cookie-Cutter Approach to a Life of Intention.  He encourages us to seize the day uniquely our own and not get lost in waiting for some big magical moment to show up for us!  Instead, listen to the small whispers that lead you to your big vision.  Play in those seemingly insignificant synchronicities that lead you to the outcome that you desire!  


Daniel’s Challenge for you!  

Ask Yourself

  • How will you feel, what emotions will you experience when you have achieved your goal? 
  • Write down those emotions!
  • Does my environment support those emotions?  You may need to start to clean up your environment or start to create an environment that supports you in having the goal that you desire! 


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