Women Reinventing Midlife Summit

Deb Johnstone


Deb Johnstone is a professional speaker, writer, transformational coach, stylist, midlife transition mentor, and yoga teacher. She is the founder of  Women Reinventing MidLife and Transformational Pathways Australia.

Deb is the creator of her signature program HER Rediscovery and the Women Reinventing MidLife Club. She’s the host of the YouTube channel, WRM TV, and host of the WRM Summit Series where she supports women in the middle phase and beyond to rediscover themselves, build confidence and find new exciting directions.

Deb shares the following 

  • Her journey and how she hit a turning point in her life with the loss of her father.  For Deb, she lost her foundation, sense of identity, confidence, and motivation. Working through the grief process she experienced some “aha moments”  and shares those with the listeners.   Deb then shares her exploration process and how she rediscovered herself.  It was then that she created her Facebook community and then the summits were born! 
  • As women in midlife, we have wisdom we have gained over the years. How do we utilize that wisdom to grow and possibly help others!  
  • What was Deb’s biggest lesson from the loss of her father and how that has impacted her life?
  • As we nurture others do we run the risk of losing ourselves?  
  • What is Women Reinventing Midlife?  It’s Deb’s group platform where she helps women rediscover who they are now and enable them to gain clarity of direction.  
  • Deb shares details about the Women Reinventing Midlife Summit and how you can sign up for this free event that starts on July 25th, 2022!  


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