Identify Your Theme for your Next Chapter


I recently had the opportunity to join Dr. Melissa Bordogna in her weekend event, the Epic Self Project for Midlife!  This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with those that were looking for inspiration in a variety of topics from experts in their field.   With my expertise in career and life coaching, I guided the participants on the importance of identifying your theme when moving into your next chapter!  We had a great discussion and wanted to give you the opportunity to hear it on the podcast!  

For this discussion, I created a worksheet that you can access on my website:   Go to the Work with Me tab and click on the workbook.  You will see it offered mid-page! 

Here are some of the reasons you will want to tune in this week for our discussion! 

  • How creating an overarching theme for your next chapter is so important and how it will help you to stay focused on your “end goal” for your life! 
  • I share my Theme for this next chapter and give examples of how I hold myself accountable for that theme and how you can too! 
  • What is the first step in this process? 
  • What stories have we been telling ourselves what type of excuses have we been giving ourselves in moving forward?
  • The tool for unlocking your inner desires
  • Ideas on how you can hold yourself accountable towards your vision and theme
  • How to step into the action and the doing!  
  • How to show more compassion towards yourself in this process.

I hope you will take the time to download your worksheet and complete it for yourself! If you begin working on the worksheet and feel that you need to be gently challenged to move forward, please reach out to me. I would love to be able to help you start this journey! 


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