You are listening to Episode 112 of Calm the Chaos! In this episode, I am sharing an interview where I was the invited guest with  Nicole Christina from the Zestful Aging podcast!   It was a lot of fun! 

Nicole has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years and has her own podcast: The Zestful Aging Podcast.  In her interview with me on Calm the Chaos, we talked about what is Zestful Aging, why are we here, and what type of legacy we will leave behind. 

 Today on her show, I am sharing my journey with my book, The Tell-All Guide to Airbnb Hosting, and the lessons I have learned about myself and others!  If you are considering ways to make some extra money and you’ve been thinking about short-term renting in your home or on the site then this is a great episode as I share my experiences!  

If you are not interested in hosting then perhaps you use the Airbnb site as a guest?  This interview will also give you some insight on how to be the perfect guest on this type of platform.   

Either way, fasten your seat belt because we take you on a journey! 

In this interview, you will also get to know me better and how I continue to reinvent myself after the age of forty and continue to expand my horizons!  Get Curious, Try New Things and say YES to opportunities!

It’s important to stay curious and take a step if you are interested in learning more about something. You never know where the path will lead once you put yourself in motion! 


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