Episode 55: Denise Wellik-Peterson, The Menopause Project


Denise Is the Creator or The Use Your Cycle Method and Founder of The Menopause Project

She has been a Personal Trainer for 18+ years and Hormone Specialist for the last 6 Specializing in Peri and Menopause

Denise  started working with women over 40 #BecauseMenopauseDoesntHaveToSuck

and not enough of us are talking about it.


It’s her  belief that with a few simple lifestyle tweaks we can continue to be vibrant, vital members of society

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why some women are reluctant to start a conversation surrounding menopause
  • Your hormones are about so much more than having babies! 
  • What prompts people to reach out to Denise for her services
  • Each half of the month we are ruled by Estrogen or Progesterone
  • How do we amplify our hormones when we need to for ourselves?
  • What’s causing those night sweats, hot flashing and how to eliminate
  • The difference between a man and woman’s cycle.  How to manage in your favor! 
  • Lean in to what your body wants while still making gains! 
  • Success stories with her clients
  • How we can support our hormones
  • Stress and Cortisol.  The Tiger is chasing you! 
  • Advice to our daughters now! 
  • Denise’s challenge to the listener


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