Use Writing to Express Your Thoughts and Move Forward!


Diana Raab, Ph.D. is a memoirist, poet, blogger, thought-provoker, and award-winning author of ten books, including four poetry collections, including her latest, Lust. She blogs for Psychology Today, The Wisdom Daily, Thrive Global, Sixty and Me, and many others. Her most recent nonfiction book is Writing for Bliss. She teaches workshops on writing for healing and transformation. Her poetry chapbook, “An Imaginary Affair,” is forthcoming by Finishing Line Press

Diana begins our discussion by sharing how she began her journey of journaling at a young age and that a tragic loss prompted the gift of a journal.  

During our interview, we discuss her book Writing For Bliss and talk about the writing process. Diana shares how to use writing to express your thoughts, gain insight into your emotions, and use it to heal to move forward. 

 Diana shares her insight on the following!

  • How to create rituals prior to writing and how that helps  you to get focused and grounded for the work you are yet to begin
  • We dive into why storytelling unites us as humans
  • How storytelling can be presented in your story to capture all the senses of the reader.
  • How to find your true voice as a writer
  • Why you would want to write a LOVE Letter to yourself!  
  • How you can write your emotional truth
  • What if you want to write about others? What’s the best way to handle those types of situations. 
  • How being fearful of writing something will dampen your creative process! Just go for it and write that first draft!

At the end of the interview, Diana leaves us with a fun challenge so get out your pen and paper!  


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