Don’t Let CHAT GPT Write Your Resume

Picture this – you’ve spent hours perfecting your resume, trying to make it stand out from the crowd. You’ve scoured the internet for the best resume writing tips and templates while spending countless cups of coffee writing and rewriting. Finally, you sit back and admire your masterpiece, only to realize that it’s as boring as watching paint dry. You think to yourself, “I need something to spice this up, something that’ll make it pop!” And then it hits you – why not use Chat GPT to generate your resume?

But wait, before you do that, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a job applicant who thought she was being clever by using Chat GPT to generate her  resume. Little did she  know that Chat GPT was having a bad day, and it generated a resume that was so generic that it could have belonged to anyone.It didn’t highlight any of her skills, strengths or value that she brought to the organization. Not to mention, it wasn’t tailored to the job she was applying for at the time. The  applicant lost the job before she even had a chance to interview. 

While Chat GPT may be a powerful tool for many natural language processing tasks, it is not  the best option for creating a resume.  Why? A well-crafted resume requires personalization, accuracy, contextual understanding, human intuition, and expertise, which are all areas where Chat GPT  falls short.

 Chat GPT lacks personalization. It’s a machine learning model that has been trained on a large corpus of data, so it cannot understand the unique nuances of each individual’s experience and skills. It takes out the human aspect of a coach asking you specific questions to learn the value that you bring to your work history. That coach can then articulate on paper your value so that you shine on paper! 

Let’s face it, Chat GPT is not perfect. While it’s incredibly powerful, it may generate errors or inaccuracies in the resume, such as misspelled words or incorrect information. These errors may negatively impact the applicant’s chances of being selected for an interview.

 Chat GPT lacks contextual understanding. It generates text based on statistical patterns it has learned from the data it has been trained on. However, it may generate text that is technically correct but does not make sense in the context of a resume. This may confuse hiring managers or HR personnel and harm the applicant’s chances of being selected.

 A well-crafted resume requires human intuition and expertise to highlight the applicant’s strengths and unique qualifications. Relying solely on Chat GPT to create a resume may lead to a document that fails to communicate the applicant’s true potential and will not get you past the Application Tracking System and on someone’s desk for an interview! 

Using Chat GPT to create a resume may raise legal concerns. If the applicant uses Chat GPT to generate false or misleading information, they may be subject to legal action. Additionally, if the Chat GPT-generated resume includes protected information, such as age, gender, or religion, the applicant may be violating anti-discrimination laws.

It’s important to approach resume writing with care and attention to detail to ensure that the document accurately reflects the applicant’s qualifications and potential. So, save the Chat GPT for generating witty comebacks and hilarious jokes, and leave the resume writing to the human experts!

If you are feeling stuck in the resume creation process? Want to make sure your resume hits someone’s desk for an interview? Perhaps you  need a coach to  ask you the questions that will get you to think exceptionally about your value? Let’s connect!  I offer a Career Change Resume Audit on my website! Your end result will be a resume you can be proud of and will gain you interviews!  Let’s connect and discuss further.  

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