Episode 45: Emma Smreker, In Used Books


 Emma Smreker, is 30 years old and  lives  in Oklahoma City, OK.  She is a high school French teacher, and  has been teaching for 7 years. She has  been speaking/learning French for 18+/- years, and is a total Francophile. She has lived in Amiens, France for a year and worked as an English Teaching Assistant.  Emma created her instagram account @inusedbooks in February of 2018 because of her love of used books and the treasures she found inside them.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How finding one receipt in a used book changed her journey
  • How she shares her curiosity  for uncovering the untold stories surrounding her finds in used books 
  • How each find is it’s unique treasure
  • Her passion has helped to reunite people with their items
  • We are all connected to people more than we realize
  • If you find something that brings you joy then embrace it and allow it into your life!
  • Emma shares a couple of stories of her memorable finds
  • Don’t let moments of self doubt ruin your journey of self discovery


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