Episode 7: Floral Meditations with Katie Davis, founder of Ponderosa and Thyme


Katie Davis is an internationally acclaimed floral designer in Salem, Oregon. She founded Ponderosa and Thyme in 2011 and has taken her business from being a full time  florist to providing on-line floral classes and floral meditations. If you are looking for a peaceful way to relax while enjoying the beauty of flowers this is a wonderful opportunity for you to be introduced  to this unique meditation. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Katie’s journey within the floral industry
  • How she created the floral meditations
  • Following your intuition and trusting yourself along the way
  • What does the process look like for creation of each meditation
  • You can have very different types of meditation practices. It’s great to explore and experiment.
  • Feedback she receives regarding her meditations 
  • What’s next on her plate with her business 



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