HappyPause, A Feminine Hygiene Product


Sandy Davies is the formulator and founder of HappyPause.  HappyPause is a plant-based preservative-free natural moisturizing balm for vulvovaginal dryness.  

Sandy starts by sharing a bit about her story and why she invented her product HappyPause!  

HappyPause Balm started when Sandy was dealing with a difficult perimenopausal experience.  When she developed the product Sandy was thinking that if she could help just one person, then it would be a success and now she has connected the product with hundreds of women around the globe!  

Her journey started by going to numerous general practitioners and being told “it’s just peri-menopause”   and one doctor actually offered her counseling!  She then discovered a book and realized that she was not alone! Vaginal dryness and atrophy is a real thing.  Sandy then went to a chemist and what she was given created a terrible reaction.  After the reaction, she looked at the ingredient list and realized that the label had too many chemicals! It was then she thought, “there has to be a better way than this”.  

HappyPause is available in a balm and you need only a tiny pearl and as it penetrates the skin, it stays on the skin for hours and helps as Sandy says: “you put a spring back in your step”.  As Sandy started the journey to developing the product she first ordered products from across the globe to test them out and found that for some of them, it wasn’t a very pleasant or comfortable experience.  She felt the product needed to be simple, feel good, and last.  

The testimonials about HappyPause are numerous and most women comment about how the product has changed their lives!  

Sandy walks us through some symptoms of vaginal dryness and what can create this problem for most women.  We may be experiencing the symptoms and not be aware of the root cause.  She goes on to share that there has been so little research in the past but that 20% of women have severe dryness and of that 20%, less than 18% have ever talked to our doctor.  

Women in menopause have enough irritations during this time. If we can eliminate one additional, then Sandy feels as though she’s made a difference!  

In the formulation of the product, Sandy goes on to share that in her journey she is reminded that you need to trust your inner voice.  It doesn’t lead us astray. There were a lot of people who weighed in on what ingredients should be included. After hearing everyone’s input, she went back to the original base product in the formulation.  She shares that the simplest idea can be the best idea.  We don’t need to overpower with perfumes or preservatives!  She loves keeping her product basic and pure.  

Sandy continues to speak with other women who have tried the product.  Her conversation affirms that dryness is having a big impact on everyone’s wellness and wellbeing and how one product can change how you feel about your intimate core which is the secret to flourishing everywhere!