Your Tips for how to Calm the Chaos this holiday Season

Take time to gain clarity on what you really want for yourself this holiday season

This worksheet will help you Find

  • Clarity on how you want to feel this holiday season
  • What circumstances will you need to create in order to achieve this feeling
  • What areas of the season you CAN  control
  • What traditions no longer serve you
  • How to prioritize your needs and those close to you
  • Eight Tips to be mindful of this holiday season

This holiday Season would be Memorable if I could do this.....
This holiday would be Perfect if I could feel this .........

Does this Sound like you?

  • I’m always racing around to get everything done!
  • The weeks prior to the holiday seem to go so quickly. Where does the time go?
  • We can never get the most important activities on the calendar because of time!
  • I would really rather not go to __________this year!  Please spare me!
  • It would be so nice if I could wave a magic wand and everything would be done!

Are you Ready to Calm the Chaos this holiday Season?

By gaining clarity on what’s really important for you and your loved ones you will be able to enjoy the season

This worksheet is your roadmap to feeling calm and confident this year!

Hi, I'm Deborah

I’m a Certified Life Coach specializing in taking women in midlife from feeling like they are bored & stuck to finding the confidence they need to prioritize themselves so they can pursue their purpose & passions.

I am also the host of the Calm the Chaos Podcast featuring weekly guests who help to inspire and motivate women in midlife towards their goals and dreams! They share their messages and provide the listener with resources and content to take that next step. 

Get your Tips and Ideas on How to Calm the Chaos this holiday Season

It’s never too late to begin your journey!

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