Episode 17: Shannon Douglas Honest Magazine​​


Shannon Douglas is the creator of Honest Magazine, a quarterly publication exploring our food and its roots. With a unique perspective, her magazine takes a slow-paced, intentional look at our food and the ways it comes to us

Note from Deborah! This is independently published by Shannon and advertising-free

Explore a current issue here!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Shannon went from Photographer to magazine publisher! 
  • What is Honest Magazine?
  • How did Shannon work thru her self-doubt in putting herself and her magazine out for people to enjoy
  • What is the hardest part of photographing, writing and editing the magazine on your own?
  • What inspires Shannon in her work
  • How you can find Honest Quarterly! 
  • Win your free copy of the recent issue of Honest Quarterly! 


  • Honest Quarterly here

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