Set Intentions for the Holiday and 2023!


In November, Cassie Christopher and I presented a live workshop titled, How to set intentions for the holidays and into 2023!   We had wonderful participation during the event and thought it would be helpful to play you a recording of the workshop AND give you access to the accompanying worksheet! Just in case you missed it live, you haven’t missed the content! 

Cassie Christopher has been the podcast before and is a registered dietitian nutritionist and supports her community to break free from the all or nothing diet mentality! Who couldn’t use that when entering the holidays!  She has helped over 100 women eat with joy in her Courage to Trust Method where you create a supportive relationship with food, your body and your health.  

Since we are both coaches we wanted to bring to you during this season an opportunity to create some self care for yourself around the holidays!   This was the perfect partnership and I  hope you enjoy the training and take a moment to click the link to access the worksheet! 

In this training, you will 

  • Brainstorm   what’s important for you this holiday season 
  • Identify your top three intentions 
  • List the steps for your top intention to create movement and confidence!
  • Ask yourself, Why is this intention important to you? 
  • Who will hold you accountable? 
  • How will you create space in your day/week to focus on your intention? 

Grab your worksheet in the show note links below!  


Connect with Cassie Christopher

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