Are You Ready to Raise Your Vibration?


Jean Atman is a Consciousness Coach and Quantum Healer. Her greatest joy is to spark awakening and facilitate deep level healing in the collective. She has been called to reach beyond her beloved practice and is on a mission to assist in the ascension process on a grander scale. 

Jean is passionate about sharing her wisdom, tips, and tools that have proven to be the most effective in influencing her journey as well as for her clients! 

What You will learn in our conversation! 

  • How to stop living on the basement floor and rise to a higher level of vibration!  You don’t need to sit and suffer!  Rise from the basement to the PENTHOUSE!  
  • The first step towards raising your vibration! 
  • Things in the universe are happening FOR us! 
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with each day? Are you surrounding yourself with others that can help you rise to the next floor?  
  • You are more powerful than you think!
  • What you are resisting is the exact thing you need to sit with right now!
  • 2022 is a powerful year for purging and letting go! How do we “uplevel”  and drop things off?  Letting go of old belief systems, pain, and hurt
  • How does our subconscious mind hold all the old belief systems?

Jean shares her group coaching program Limitless she will be launching on June 21st you are pop over to her website and check out!  



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