Ready to tackle your beliefs so you can Heal?

Jean Atman


Jean Atman is a Consciousness Coach and Quantum Healer. Her greatest joy is to spark awakening and facilitate deep level healing in the collective. She has been called to reach beyond her beloved practice and is on a mission to assist in the ascension process at a grander scale. 

Jean is passionate about sharing her wisdom, tips, and tools that have proven to be the most effective in influencing her journey as well as for her clients! 

We begin by discussing Jean’s journey towards her practice and how she was born into a tumultuous life with a lot of toxicity.  When you are dealing with that and a lot of this type of energy you develop a particular belief system about how the world works and how you are loved.  As she was growing up, she realized that life didn’t feel good and found herself having a lot of struggles.

At this point, she felt that there should be more to life and it didn’t need to contain so much darkness! Jean feels that she was meant to walk through the darkness and find the light! She then took a deep dive into herself and what she was creating and how she was taking responsibility for the creation of her life around her. 

Jean has spent decades unearthing and unpacking all the old belief systems that she grew up around and began shifting them into something she preferred instead.  Her process was working with the mental and emotional aspects of these beliefs and their triggers.  

In the old paradigm, we often believe that our shadow parts are scary and that we should be afraid of going into that place.  Jean says that once we recognize that the fear inside of ourselves are pieces that need nurturing, love and compassion then it’s easier to make that transition and go inside. Jean shares that she began to go on retreats and take time to be with herself and create a sacred space to rest and listen. 

For Jean, her meditation practice was what helped her to learn about herself. She shares that when you can be present within yourself that you can gain access to all sorts of places that are typically hidden or ignored because of the busyness of life.  We talk more about Jean’s meditation practice and how that’s such an important part of her life and through the years she has learned that she’s not alone when mediating. 

We discuss her practice of energy healing and how when you start to clear your field and decongest, you allow something else to come in which can be transformational. At this point, we can choose something better in a higher vibrational aspect for ourselves.  

Jean shares with us how she helps her community to be a consciousness creator!  She shares how she dives into limiting beliefs and triggers as information.  It’s important that as this information comes in and creates a discomfort that we do not stuff it down or deflect it but learn to be comfortable with the discomfort and ask ”what is that within you” and what’s being triggered right now.  All those uncomfortable feelings are a wound that’s being poked and prodded to say “I’m here and I am needing something from you” When we take that deep dive to see what that is we can unearth it, nurture, and start to clear those feelings. Once you no longer carry that around within you then it’s a healed space.  

Jean believes that we can become conscious of how we are creating our worlds and once you start to heal those things and start choosing something different for yourself you are in a healed place.  

We discuss what it really means to rest and restore the body which is so important to have this transformation.  Jean shares that it’s not just the typical “go to bed” rest. That’s just the basics!  We get so busy with all the external moving parts of the world that we need to give ourselves permission to “pause”.  Be in the stillness.  We need to stop the momentum and check-in with ourselves.  At that point, we can ask ourselves how we are feeling about ourselves or a situation and feel the discomfort. Then perhaps if we need to shift our path we, can feel that and make those slight changes. 

Jean shares her insight on how to begin and nurture a mediation practice which is very helpful for those beginning or needing to understand how to acknowledge those thoughts that may creep in while taking that pause. She shares that there is no failing or succeeding in meditation that it’s just practice!  Be kind to yourself! 

Jean offers a course to her community: Limitless which is a foundational shift for people!  The first portion of the course work is to challenge the foundation of what’s not working in your world. You talk about limiting beliefs, triggers, the inner critic, and all those pieces that are working against you. Once you recognize what is not working then you can begin to make the shift.  Jean also includes mindfulness practices, journaling exercises, and prompts so you can get into your inner world. She also offers community-guided healings. By moving that energy out then you can feel lighter and choose something different and better for yourself. The second part of the course is focusing on the aspects of money, relationships, health, vitality, and the gift of receiving.  After you’ve had the opportunity to build a new foundation then you can align the other aspects of your life!