Mastering Technology in Midlife!


Judi Jacobs is a former plaintiff’s tort trial lawyer.  She began her journey into teaching and learning about technology in the early part of my legal career. Like many of us,  she did not grow up with a computer and is not a computer engineer. She is not  a so-called “digital native.” (i.e., I am not under 35!)

Her first experiences with computers came through work in my law firm as she had to struggle to learn how to do things by trying and failing.

When something went wrong with a colleague or my computer, she would watch how the “tech guys” (never women in those days) fixed the problem. Then, the next time I experienced a similar issue, I would resolve it by trying to retrace the steps of the tech guys.

As a mother of five children, she had no choice but to stay on top of technology. Each one had different skills and unique needs and abilities on the computer. One was an expert at getting around the Netscape Nanny software I installed. She had to stay one step ahead of him to recognize when he was hacking it to try again or use another piece of software. Through the necessities of life, I discovered a love of computers and mobile devices.

In 2005 Judi started Tech Wizard where she supports her community with online classes and 1:1  support as it pertains to working with your computer or phone!  

Even though Judi was thrust into learning the technology for both home and at work, she realized that she enjoyed it, was good at it as well as had the patience to teach others. It brings her a lot of joy and gratification in seeing people get more comfortable with the technology and learn how to do things! 

Judi shares that it’s the fear and hesitation from people not wanting to look “dumb”  that often gets in the way of them seeking help.  We have to remember that for a lot of us we did not grow up with a computer or smartphone. These tools were thrust in front of us later in life so our learning curve will be different.  

It’s best to work on the foundational skills as that is what you’ll be using every day and it will give you the opportunity to use them consistently so you can raise your confidence level.  

The most popular thing that people request help on right now is their phones.  We are using them 24/7 and they are mini computers. In the palm of your hand, you have the ability to access and use so many different features. You may not even realize you are not using them.  You don’t know what you don’t know!

We discuss things that we should be doing at the start of every year on our computers to ensure that things are running smoothly and keeping our technology safe and up to date.  

Judi also encourages us not to use our email “inbox”  as a storage box.  You should be managing your email on a daily basis. You either file or get rid of it after it’s been read.  She gives some great analogies that will help you to see your inbox in a new light which may spur you on to dealing with those emails with a specific action.  

The Tech Wizard offers online classes and specific 1:1  help so if you are thinking to start working independently and then reach out for some specific help then that option is available to you.  


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