Episode 62: Kaley Chu 100 Lunches, Getting out of your Comfort Zone


I recently had the opportunity to coordinate a call with Kaley Chu in Australia to discuss her journey in getting out of her comfort zone, writing her book 100 lunches, and launching her website for others to connect for lunch! 

 Kaley is an author, speaker, people connector, and Business Development Manager at Equi Wealth.  In 2018  Kaley turned lunch into a life-changing experience. Not just one lunch, but 100 of them with total strangers over a year.  After publishing a book based on her learnings, Kaley now shares her journey and the lessons distilled with the rest of the world. 

We begin our conversation with Kaley stating how her lack of confidence and shyness in a business meeting pushed her into her first lunch with a total stranger and how this first meeting went! It got her out of her comfort zone.  

When Kaley arrived as an immigrant in Australia she became self-conscious and noticed how she continued to socialize within the same groups of people and how that was not helping her or showing her children new experiences.  

Being a busy mom and a working professional she chose her lunch hour to connect with others and get out of her comfort zone!  During our discussion, Kaely shares her most memorable lunch and how her lunches gave her a new perspective on life and how to reflect on who she is, and how she wants to create future connections. 

At one point Kaley decided to write her book and start her website 100lunches.com  where you can connect with others all over the world for lunch.  It’s a wonderful platform and I’ve gone on the register and reached out to coordinate some lunches myself!  The time change can be a challenge so you may not be experiencing lunch but it’s a wonderful way to connect with others around the world!  I would encourage you to go and check out her website. 

I love Kaley’s courage and enthusiasm. For someone who was shy and was uncomfortable speaking in front of others, Kaley has managed to create quite a storm! She is now doing public speaking and helping others get out of their comfort zone and experience life to its fullest!  

Kaley reminds us that you never know when that next life-changing connection is going to be made!  As a coach who helps women in midlife enter into their next chapter, we are always talking about being curious and open to new possibilities.  To experience something different you do need to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to try something different.  

Do you need to get out of your comfort zone and what would you like to try that‘s different that would help you grow and expand into who you want to become?  

I hope this conversation encourages you to take that step into your next chapter!