Episode 5: Katya Difani, Herban Wellness Herbal Healing and Product Solutions


Katya is the owner of Herban Wellness in Kirkland, Washington. She started her journey at Bastyr University where she studied herbal medicine as a healthcare discipline where she earned her bachelor of science degree.  Kaya’s store in Kirkland offers a wide selection of herbs, teas, tinctures and essential oils. On her website, you will be able to access products, resources, articles and her classes and events.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What prompted Katya to open her store after her degree at Bastyr
  • What is the biggest misconception regarding herbal medicine.
  • What approach does she use in the shop to guide someone to a specific protocol.
  • What is the Chill out Tea!
  • Katya’s challenge for the listener
  • Classes and Events offered in the store


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