Episode 68: Kelly Page, Holistic Health Coach


This week’s conversation is with Kelly Page who helps women over forty drop weight, increase their energy and find balance!  Her website   is where she makes available resources for you to dive into opportunities to connect with not only herself but her community

Kelly shares with the listeners her journey from corporate America to the Tasting page!  During her time climbing the corporate ladder she was doing everything she could to stop on top and stay healthy!  Working towards eating the right things but asking why she didn’t ever feel good. She just assumed that everyone was stressed out like herself!  She continued to ignore these feelings and went on climbing the corporate ladder even though her adrenals and hormones were off.  

It was one day when she was called into the “big office”  and offered the promotion and then she did what most people would love to do. Wait for it!  She shook his hand and said “thank you”, quit and then moved to Paris!  Kelly shares how a life-changing event gave her a new perspective on her life which helped her to make this decision.  

During her time in Paris, she combined her passion for writing and food and began writing for the food scene and travel. It began to be easy just working for herself.  

It was after coming back from Paris Kelly attended nutrition school and felt that when she was done with her studies she wanted to share this information with others. Knowing that women over forty were an underserved area it became a passion of hers to start a community.

Kelly shares the most common topic that women come to her for help when hitting midlife.  We discuss how she onboards her clients to get them from where they are at right now in their health journey to where they could be.  Part of that process is evaluating where the biggest obstacles are and start working to remove them.  Food is a big place to start that process.  

We also get into “snacking”  and the importance of a full nutritious meal with all the right nutrients so you don’t need to snack.  This helps you in watching your insulin levels and helps to avoid insulin resistance which we go into a further discussion on why that’s so important.  

We also dive into how stress plays a part in our overall health. When we are stressed the cortisol is secreted and when the cortisol is high then our blood sugar is off.  That’s why it’s important for her to look at food intake and stress reduction.  

Kelly shares some success stories with former clients and how have worked together impacted their overall sense of wellbeing.  Originally they will come into work on one thing and be able to target a lot of other areas and feel more confident in their body!  

Her website has a lot of valuable resources where she shares great recipes to keep you balanced and articles about what she is seeing in her community.  There is also a healthy living quiz. She looks at the five important areas that contribute to your health.  

We also dive into midlife women and alcohol consumption and how it gets harder for us to metabolize the sugar and the carbs from these beverages.  A lot of women are stopping their use of alcohol altogether and feel so much better.  

Kelly shares how she calms the chaos in her life and why meditation is such an important part of her daily ritual.  She also encourages her clients in this practice of coming back to their breath in the process.  The practice of meditation has a wonderful effect on you throughout the day even when you are not in the meditation moment.  Kelly shares that what’s great about meditation is that “it’s magical, free and you can do it at home anytime you want”