Strength Training for Women

Kurt Liechty


Kurt Leichty is an Air Force combat veteran and former Police Officer. He has taken his training and experience from both of those worlds to create a fitness program for military members, cops, and firefighters. His certification is from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is specifically designed for him to focus on these special populations of tactical athletes. He uses the same training for our heroes that he does for the public. This year, or early in 2023, Kurt will be opening a non-profit gym called MetaFit where the public can come train side by side with the heroes and learn to train like the heroes.

I personally work with Kurt and he was able to help me build my confidence in the gym to lift free weights and tackle those intimidating machines!  Kurt is the real deal and works with clients both in person and virtually.  If you are on the fence about strength training, I encourage you to reach out to Kurt for support and motivation! I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall strength when in the garden, swimming, or riding my bike!  

Here is what Kurt has to share in this episode! 

It’s important to lift heavy and be consistent to get results

Women lifting heavy is the most efficient way to lose weight, burn more calories, and tone your body! 

Lifting heavy can help with muscle strength and bone density.  As we age, this is a big concern because if we were to fall later in life we need bone density to heal! 

Building muscle will cushion your bones so if you do fall, your bones are better protected from a potential break.  

Kurt shares his journey and what inspired him to begin working with people and how he feels he is promoting goodness in the world. 

When people focus on fitness and health then they are more positive, and happier, and feel that they can accomplish more and go after their dreams!

Kurt shares that in your strength training journey, by month two you will start to feel the difference in your strength, by month three you will see the difference in your body, and by month four, people will start noticing that something is different about you! 

Why it’s important to lift every day and how to rotate your strength training to accomplish this goal. 

It’s important for Kurt to have a nonprofit organization where the general public, police officers, and military members can work out together.   

How to spice up your lifting program so it doesn’t become dull

How you can get your feet wet with your own routine by following Kurt on Instagram where he encourages and shares exercises for you to try!  All of Kurt’s links are in the show notes. 

Why it’s important to overestimate the amount of support you will need to accomplish your fitness goal and rally those around you to help, including your personal trainer. 

The investment you make for personal training with Kurt goes back into the programs and the building for the community in Utah.  



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