Episode 24: Laura Valenti Elemental Sound Medicine, Movement Medicine


Laura Valenti began her career in law, supporting women who were victims of trafficking into prostitution or domestic violence. Over two decades, she trained formally and informally in many modalities including contemporary shamanic practice, the Andean Cosmology, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Laughter Yoga and Polarity Therapy. 

In her travels to California, Peru, Ecuador, and the UK she had the opportunity to share her work with many individuals from all over the world, including vulnerable adults, people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and indigenous communities.

She is a certified Movement Medicine dance teacher and facilitator.  She completed 4 Advanced pieces of training of the School of Movement Medicine: 1: Heart and SEER – Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval, 2: Ritual, 3: Soul Retrieval, 4: Initiation – dancing with life cycles: from birth to death.  

She is also a qualified sound & voice therapist and certified coach. She is currently completing a CPD course on somatic coaching and trauma-informed coaching practice.

Laura was born in Italy, where she learnt about good food and hospitality, colourful swearing and native ancient forms of ecstatic dance. She overcame many challenges, from losing her mum at a very young age to depression, drug and alcohol addiction, abusive relationships and cancer. She lives in Spain with her partner, still loves cooking and eating and dedicates her life to healing and creatively transforming suffering.

What You’ll Learn

  • The background of Movement Medicine
  • How movement medicine helps us to connect with ourselves, others and nature
  • How Laura became interested in movement medicine
  • What does a class look like as a participant
  • We need to start listening with self inquiry
  • How to work with Laura 1:1
  • What is Somatic Coaching
  • How Laura calms the chaos in her life
  • Laura’s challenge for the listeners!


Laura’s website  Elemental Soul Medicine  here

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