Leyla Alyanak is a journalist and former foreign correspondent. At 43, she made a major decision to reinvent herself and travel the world solo for six months – she was gone nearly four years, before cell phones, apps and Google. She found time to get lost in a Mozambican minefield, paddle her way out of a flood in the Philippines, and get stampeded by an elephant cow in Nigeria. Always an activist, she has worked for the World Wildlife Fund and for several health-related United Nations agencies. 

Today, at 67, she consults for the UN on human rights, continues to publish widely, and travels the world solo as often as she can, documenting it all on Women on the Road, the website for solo travel over 50. A few weeks ago, taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown in France, where she lives, Leyla launched a new travel website called Offbeat France!

What You’ll Learn:

      • What are some issues for women that come up in conversations regarding traveling alone
      • The number one question on the site
      • Saying YES when the opportunity arises!
      • Concerns for women while traveling and how to address them


      Feeling Lonely


      • Age is an advantage!
      • Discussion about her new website Offbeat France
      • Leyla’s advice for women over 50


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