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Linda Ward is a Writer and Life Coach living in Minnesota. She specializes in helping mature women find everyday happiness and satisfying life. She zeroes in on life after divorce, retirement transitions, and finding courage no matter what the circumstances. Her inspiring new eBook is called, “Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier. ” Linda’s Professional background is Social Work and Counseling.

Linda shares how she came to write her book: Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier and shares some of her favorites during our discussion!  Steps you can implement right now! No purchase necessary ( wink, wink)  

During our conversation, Linda shared that it was through her own life circumstances that she found her inner courage. A difficult time where she had to dig deep to find and even surprised herself with how much courage she had in those times and still holds on to today!  Now Linda is passionate about helping others to find their inner courage! 

Here is what else you will learn from our discussion

  • We can often make finding happiness too complicated. It’s really simple!  There are simple things you can do each day to lift your mood.
  • Parenting adult kids can be agony and the first step is to let go and how you can transition into parenting adult children! 
  • Courage is needed in everyday life!  
  • Linda shares how she found her inner courage and how you can too!  

Throughout Linda’s experiences she has learned that even if life feels out of control, you can have the inner peace and courage to deal with it!  



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