Episode 38: Lisbeth McKinley, Professional Organizer, Let's Make Room


Lisbeth “Lis” McKinley, is a Certified Professional Organizer, move manager, public speaker and owner of LET’S MAKE ROOM, LLC based in Oakland, California, now in its 12th year of operation.

Lis, along with her team at LET’S MAKE ROOM, helps clients achieve their unique vision of organization, before or after moving, remodeling or to refresh and unclutter their living, work and storage areas.

Lis speaks to both professional and community groups about downsizing, organizing, productivity and paper management. Her talks have inspired hundreds of people to enjoy their lives with less and get more done. 

Lis is from New York City, holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and lives in Oakland with her husband, three cats and a Chihuahua.

What You’ll Learn:

    • What prompted Lis to leave her job and how she felt she was capable of doing more with her life.
    • How did she start Let’s Make Room
    • What are the services she provides
    • What lessons can she share to other women thinking of starting something new 
    • How does Lis connect with clients virtually?
    • What is the “ paper clutter monster”?
    • What are the three questions to ask yourself when holding a piece of paper?

    Act, Is this something you need to act on now or in the future?

    Contain, Is this something that needs to be contained for future reference?

    Toss,  Can you toss this and find a way to access it later?  

    • What’s next on the horizon for Lis and Let’s Make Room
    • How does Lis calm the chaos in her life


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