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Tracy McCubbin is the author of Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book On Decluttering You’ll Ever Need (June 4th, 2019). She has always referred to herself as “Obsessive Compulsive Delightful,” but who knew she could turn that trait into a booming business? While working for a major television director in Los Angeles, Tracy discovered she had the ability to see through any mess and clearly envision a clutter-free space. Coupled with keen time-management and organizational skills, Tracy soon found more and more people were asking her for help. Before she knew it, dClutterfly was born.

Ten years and thousands of clients later, dClutterfly is Los Angeles’ premier organizing and decluttering company. Tracy is a regularly featured expert on Hallmark’s Home & Family, has a column on MindBodyGreen, and has regular declutter segments on Fox 5 and ABC Eyewitness News, KTLA Morning Show, KCAL9, and Good Day Sacramento. She and her company have also been featured in Real Simple, Women’s Day, and ShopSmart.

When not decluttering, she is the proud Co-Executive Director of OneKid OneWorld, a non-profit building strong educational foundations for children in impoverished communities throughout Kenya and Central America.

She lives in Los Angeles and knows where her keys are.


In my discussion with Tracy, we discuss the following 

Tracy didn’t start dClutterfly until she was in her forties! It’s never too late to discover your passion!  

The Book, Making Space, Clutter Free:  The Last Decluttering book you’ll ever need focuses on the seven emotional clutter blocks and why we feel stuck with our stuff!  Tracy shares ways to break free from these emotional clutter blocks!  

After her first book, Tracy noticed that even after getting a space organized people were still bringing in “stuff” to their spaces.  There is this hole that is inside of us, something missing that we are needing to fill and unfortunately for most, we fill with things.  She then wrote the book, Make Space for Happiness which focuses on our clutter magnets!  

The shopping and the stuff is not making us happier. 

How can we make space for happiness?  We discuss that first step!  

Tracy shares the first steps in working with a client in organizing and decluttering their space!  Words of wisdom that you too can incorporate when you are taking those first steps! 

Decluttering is an emotional process and Tracy shares how to move past the emotion so you can feel the lift of having a clutter-free space. For items you have been gifted from a relative it’s important to realize that someone else’s history is not your history. Do you use it? Love it?  If not then it’s time to pass it on to someone who will use and appreciate it! 

We discuss inspirational stories to get you motivated to tackle your space!  

Tracy shares her Senior Downsizing checklist and shares some of her top tips!  

Are you ready for Tracy’s challenge today? Give a listen! 


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