Ep.29 Margaret Vandergriff, The Moving Coach


Margaret Vandergriff coaches self-employed empty nesters from living in a place that no longer meets their needs to an exciting new place that does. She founded Margaret Vandergriff, the Moving Coach in 2017 to help others navigate their search and figure out their best places to move, so that their empty nest years can be their best years yet! Margaret created her signature Find Your Happy Place method to identify and match like-minded places and people by drawing on prospect research and strategic planning expertise she honed over 30 years as a consultant helping nonprofits find and access more than $20 million in grants. Margaret currently lives with her husband and four cats in rural Iowa and is eagerly anticipating a move to Eugene, Oregon

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Margaret’s experiences prompted her to start the moving coach
    • How does Margaret guide someone thru their relocation journey
    • The Five Step Process!  
  • Reflection




    Scouting Visit

    • What are your priorities when considering a new location?
    • How do your options compare to your ideal location?
    • What is a scouting visit report card?
    • What do you people neglect to consider when relocating
    • Margaret’s 30 day Challenge in September!
    • Your Challenge Questions for now

                   How does where you live make you feel?

                   Specifically, what do you love and not love about where you live?

                   What would you change about it if you could? Are these things significant or trivial?               

                  When you come back after being away, do you feel like you’re returning home or do    you wish home was someplace else?

                      Does where you live meet your needs now and into the future, or do you feel like your needs would be better met someplace else?


  • Margaret Vandergriff The Moving Coach web site here

    Connect with Deborah for Coaching here

    The mid life Quiz here

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