Be focused and productive every day with the Mastery Journal


Kate Erickson shares about how she uses The Mastery Journal to Calm the Chaos in her life! The journal helps her to stay more focused and productive every day!  Kate shares how the Freedom journals was their first tool and has you focus on achieving one goal with set targets within 100 days! After the rollout of the Freedom Journal, their audience was asking them, “how do you focus on multiple things and move forward in a productive way and still get to enjoy life?”  That’s when the Mastery Journal was created!  The Mastery Journal is how to master productivity, discipline, and focus in 100 days!  

Kate already felt like a pretty productive and disciplined person when it came to focusing and getting things accomplished. However, when she started to use the journal, what she was doing in six hours, she was now doing in 3 ½ hours!  Who wouldn’t love to have that type of productivity! I know I would love to have more free time for the things I enjoy!  She shares her passion for helping people understand that very small tweaks in how you set yourself up for success every day can make a massive difference!  

The Mastery Journal is a powerful tool in helping people focus on the right things and not let everyday distractions get in the way of us accomplishing our goal!  

The Mastery Journal starts by having you plan out your morning routine which plays a big part in how you create momentum for your day!  You get to plan out that day before what that looks like for you and a desired start and end time.  They pick a beginning and end time because if things are “open-ended”, you are more likely to get distracted or take that much longer to get done!  I’ve had a lot of success saying that this is only going to take me one hour and by golly, I get it done in one hour!  You stay focused to get it done!  

After the morning routine, you go into four focus sessions.  You set up a focus time and then a refreshing time ( which would be time for you to get up and get that next cup of coffee or tea and do some stretching )  By writing down your four focus sessions, it helps you not to break your focus!  

In each of the sessions, you score yourself with a discipline and productivity score.  This is on a scale of 1-10.  This is great feedback for you to better understand how you can better prepare for the sessions and if you did get distracted was it in or out of your control?  

We book-end the journal by planning for tomorrow!  What went well for the day and what didn’t go so well?  We can then ask ourselves, how can we plan better for tomorrow?  So, before your feet hit the floor the next morning you already know what that routine will look like and your goals and objectives! 

I share my experiences with the Mastery Journal! How using this as a guideline has given me the freedom and more time to do the things I love without having the guilt that I should be working on something more for that day!  

Kate shares the type of results and feedback that others have gotten by using the Mastery Journal!   It does give you the freedom to pursue more or just take the time to relax!