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Deborah Voll is a certified professional life coach, Airbnb host, mother, published author, and host of the Calm the Chaos podcast. Deborah helps women over 40 identify their passion, purpose, and experience so they can create a clear plan for their next chapter in life.   She has helped her clients go after their biggest dreams & goals such as landing new jobs, changing careers, and launching new businesses.

When she turned 57, Deborah woke up and realized she was ready to create her next chapter with a purpose.  She launched her business and her podcast after working with her own life coach.  She is now on a mission to help more women eliminate their roadblocks so they can pursue their passion & purpose with confidence.

When Deborah isn’t working with clients or recording podcasts, you can find her working in her garden, going for a swim, or hosting  Airbnb guests inside her home in Redmond, Washington.

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Interested in coming on the podcast, interviewing me on your podcast, or working together in one of my coaching programs?  Send me a message and we will connect!

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What Deborah Can Share with Your Audience

Life Coaching

As a certified professional life coach, AirBnB host, mother and podcast host, Deborah Voll brings a unique voice and years of experience to everything she does. As a guest on your podcast, she can offer perspective to women in midlife, and those who support them.

What  Deborah can share with your audience.  
When Deborah  was 57 and her kids were grown and didn’t need her or her time, she had a moment and asked herself “What was I going to do now and how should I prioritize my interests?”

Deborah began to think about her NEXT CHAPTER and started the journey of uncovering who she was now and how she wanted to show up for herself and others in the future.  She completed her life coaching certification and plunged right into guiding other women into their next chapter! 

Her Message: “It’s never too late to achieve the goals and dreams you have for yourself!”

Podcast Host

As Deborah began coaching she noticed that women  needed  guidance in quieting their minds.  There is way too much stimuli out in the world!  Deborah feels that if we can quiet our minds then we are better able to hear what we need for ourselves and in a better place to hear those next steps.

It was then that she created the  podcast:  Calm the Chaos.  Each week Deborah interviews a guest who shares  their area of expertise and how they can bring value to  women in midlife! 

Deborah began this journey not knowing anything about podcasting and now handles  all aspects of the show!  Interviewing, Editing, Publishing and Social Media. 

 Her message: “You are never too old to learn new things! And you don’t need to be an expert to start!  Jump in and get learning!” 

Published Author


While raising her kids through high school and into college, Deborah began her journey as an Airbnb host!  Along the way she learned a lot about herself, hosting and why she valued the experience.  Through the years she noted the lessons she learned and began to share with other new hosts tips and tricks for successful hosting!  

Her children suggested she write a book and not thinking twice thought it was a “great idea”. Little did she know all that was involved in writing and publishing a book!  Wanting to fulfill her commitment to herself and show her children that anything is possible, Deborah published  at  59.5 year’s young ( almost sixty! ) her first book: The Tell-All Guide to Airbnb Hosting, Proven Tips and Tricks for Successful hosting!  Now she is learning about marketing a book and the in’s and out’s!  

Her message:   “If you have something to share with the world, then take those first steps and start to create that rough draft.  It’s better to begin a dream messy than not start it at all!”

Featured Media & Interviews

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