Ep.41 Mitzi Beach, Interior Designer & Ten Reasons to Downsize Now!


Interior designer, author, speaker, and 50+Marketing & Lifestyle Specialist. Author of new book “Design SMARTS. Design Hounds top 100 influencers, 2018, member of High Point Style Spotters and High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour. Quoted in Wall Street Journal, Aging in Place trends plus article in Women’s Health Magazine July/August 2019 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Mitzi’s journey with interior design to incorporating “lifesizing” for women in midlife
  • What is lifesizing and why should you care!  
  • Your 50’s prepare us for what our life will be like in our 60’s and 70’s. 
  • Find people who appreciate your gifts and talents. You have choices! 
  • Why Mitzi started her private Facebook group
  • Ten Reasons to Downsize Now! 
  • Life Lessons and advice to women in midlife
  • Mitzi’s challenge to the listener


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